Currently, there are two main published trilogies written by authoress, Kealohilani.

The Half-Hearts Trilogy Box Set

The Half-Hearts Trilogy

“With Billions of People on the Planet, How Can Anyone Find Their Other Half? And What if EVERYTHING Depended on it?”

Half-Hearts, the first book in The Half-Hearts Trilogy, is the first book that Kealohilani ever wrote. Taking her own personal pain and transforming it into epic battles, fantasy, and magic– Kealohilani created sister world (Alamea) whose destiny is attached to our own dear planet Earth, which explains the perils many of the perils of our time.

Half-Hearts and its sequel, Half-Hearts II: Redemption, and the final installment, Half-Hearts III: Reckoning, are all available in paperback through Amazon’s Create Space and in eBook through Amazon’s Kindle.


A photo of the complete Romeo Killed Juliet Trilogy.

The Romeo Killed Juliet Trilogy

“Romance Can Be Murder”

While Romeo Killed Juliet was the fourth book that Kealohilani wrote, it is the first book in Kealohilani’s second series– The Romeo Killed Juliet Trilogy. This series takes classic love stories and turns them on their head by bringing them forth to present day and giving them a murderous twist.

Romeo Killed Juliet, its sequel, Pride Killed Prejudice, and the final installment, Tristan Killed Isolde, are all available in paperback through Amazon’s Create Space and in eBook through Amazon’s Kindle.


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Half-Hearts, Book One, Synopsis:

With billions of people on the planet, how can anyone ever find their other half? And what if everything depended on it?

The magical world of Alamea is in imminent danger of falling under the control of Vranah, “The Great Evil,” as he sweeps swiftly and mercilessly across their entire planet. And, with every death on Alamea, the equivalent of that person dies on Earth, Alamea’s parallel planet. The only hope lies in an ancient Alamean prophecy— the prophecy of the Half-Hearts. According to this prophecy, if any two of the twenty-four Alamean Half-Hearts can find each other, fall in love, and marry in a place that is magically prepared for such a union, that union would tip the balance of power so that Vranah may be able to be defeated. Then and only then will Alamea be saved and Earth be free of its terrible twin destiny.

Unfortunately, only Vranah knows the identities of the Half-Hearts. On the rare occasions that two Half-Hearts manage to even find each other, Vranah casts spells of distrust, jealousy, deceit, infidelity, abuse, and any other selfish traits he can throw at them, in order to break them apart and neutralize the threat. When love proves too strong to be distracted by such tactics, he simply kills them.

Lani Johnson is a twenty-one-year-old college senior from California. Yanked out of her world and its relative safety, she is swept into Vranah’s final war for Alamea. As she discovers that everyone has extraordinary gifts, and as she works to develop her own, she has no idea what is at stake or what could be the key to saving both Alamea and Earth— or whether it is all simply an elaborate dream world that her broken heart constructed, in order to distract her from her own reality.

Half-Hearts is a journey of thrilling twists and surprising turns, with many perils along the way. And from within what should be the safety of close friendship and true love, arises a shocking ending that no one will see coming.

Romeo Killed Juliet, Book One, Synopsis:

Romance can be murder.

The opening line of Romeo Killed Juliet is: The first question they asked me after I died was, “If you had it to do all over again, would you?”

Juliet Montega is the twenty-two-year-old victim of an unsolved murder. She tells us her story from the great beyond and begins with the event that soon leads to her death— her return home from college.Her homecoming falls on the one-year anniversary of the day that her parents were killed by a drunk driver, whose last name is Capera.

Back in Bend, Oregon for the first time since the double funeral, Juliet struggles to adapt to living in her childhood home alone, and finds herself unwillingly thrust into a tangled web of secrets and love triangles that push her down a dangerous path. Twists and turns leave Juliet wondering who she can trust as she desperately tries to escape the destiny she fears her star-crossed name has cursed her to fulfill.